Meet The Practitioners

Active Rehab & Kinesiology

Active Rehab

A specialized movement program designed to help improve and restore physical function after traumatic injury, surgery, or health crisis. 


A scientific-based practice of human body movements with anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and psychology components and their interaction with the environment. 

Common Kinesiology Treatment Areas

  • Work and Sports-Related Injuries, eg. Tennis Elbow

  • Motor Vehicle Accident-Related Injuries

  • Personal Training

Kinesiology Rate

Our kinesiologist specialize in stretching therapy and avtive rehab

Insurance Coverage

We accept extended insurance policies, ICBC

Initial & Subsequent Kinesiology Treatment (60min)             85+5%GST

Initial & Subsequent Stretch Therapy (30min)                          55+5%GST

Initial & Subsequent (Package) Stretch Therapy (30min)    50+5% GST

GOAL  The primary purpose of both kinesiology and active rehabilitation treatments are managing both acute and chronic pain, rehabilitating damaged muscle tissues, restoring mobility and functional performances, and preventing future injuries

through progressive therapeutic exercises.