Language English, Mandarin, & Cantonese

Location Van East , Van West

Growing up as a competitive swimmer, I gained interest in coaching and learning about human movement. My interests led me to my degree in Human Kinetics. 


During my study, I got involved with research and assisted strength and conditioning training. It taught me to tailor my care and coaching as each population has specific needs. My goal is to create a safe and enjoyable space for clients when they visit. Also,  continue to gain experience in working with different populations. 


In my spare time, I enjoy playing volleyball, basketball, and discovering new hobbies.


  • BCAK Practicing Membership

  • Bachelor's of Human Kinetics

Treatment   Session   Rate  
Initial & Subsequent Kinesiology  60 min  $85
Initial & Subsequent Stretch Therapy  30 min  $55
Initial & Subsequent Stretch Therapy (Package) 30 min $50
ICBC Kinesiology treatment  60 min 


Vanessa Leung, B.Kin.


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