1. Report Injurt To ICBC 
7. Seattle Your Case 

When you return to your previous level of function, meaning you can once again do the same daily tasks you could do before your crash, make sure to let your ICBC recovery specialist know.

If you have any question, please feel free to CONTACT US during our business hours: M - S, 10AM - 6PM.

'' You don't need a doctor's referral or to see your family doctor to begin treatment for the first 12 weeks following your crash. Choose the healthcare provider that is most convenient for you ''

Other Insurance Providers


  • If you injurt while on a job  > WorkSafe
  • If you must take time off work and are eligible for Employment Insurance (EI) benefits > Goverment of Canada

Century Healthcare and Gaya Reconnect offer direct billing services for ICBC patients. We'll manage reimbursement and treatment extension applications, allowing you to concentrate on your recovery.

5. Stay In Touch With Your Adjuster 

Stay connected with ICBC adjuster regarding your injuries for smoother claim management. Your adjuster will contact you after processing your claim, but it's vital to update them on any treatment / healthcare provider / recovery changes. 


* if you wish to start a new treatment after the 12th week of the crash, you will need an approval from your adjuster. 

* If you would like to change healthcare provider, notify your adjuster by phone or email in advance. 

6. Treatment Extension

If your recovery extends beyond the usual timeframe, consult your healthcare provider to evaluate your injuries and necessary additional treatments, and they can apply treatment extension for you.

2. Complete Medical Disclosure Authorization Form (if needed)

Your healthcare provider may need to communicate with ICBC regarding your injuries. For treatment beyond pre-approved Enhanced Care coverage, they can liaise with us to secure coverage. Grant permission for medical information disclosure by completing and submitting the medical disclosure authorization form PDF via the online claims service.

3. Select Healthcare Provider & Start Your Treatment 
4. Submit Receips for Reimburacement 

Paid upfron and submit receipts through online claims service or get reimbursed faster by signing up for direct deposit within 180 days of the expens.

To expedite your claim process, report it to ICBC promptly, ensuring safety. Obtain a claim number for pre-approved treatments. Report claims via our 24/7 online service or by calling 604-520-8222 (or 1-800-910-4222 outside Lower Mainland).


Have ready: BC Services Card/online banking credentials, driver's license, vehicle info, crash details (date, time, location), photos/videos, and contact info of involved/witnesses. Keep receipts for potential reimbursement.